Jet Ski

Watersports - Dubai Jet Ski

Watersports - Dubai Jet Ski

Per Hour AED 600

Daily Price AED 2,400



  • Build:Gulf Craft
  • Length:26m (86ft)
  • Capacity:40
  • Overnight Guests:10
  • Cabins:4
  • Speed:22 Knots

About Jetski

Jump atop one of the most popular water sports available, the jet-ski. Often called the motorcycle of the boating world, the jet-ski is the optimal speed experience, giving any rider the opportunity to speed freely across the ocean.

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With an emphasis on fun and thrills, the jet-ski’s long history is a surefire guarantee for a good time. Enjoy the freedom of seeing almost entirely 360 degrees around you, with only the handlebars in front of you to block your view.

You’ll be able to see full coverage of the ocean around you as you glide past the beautiful sights of Dubai.


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